All motorcycles require keys and when you have lost or broken the key you need to start your bike knowing who to call that can make the new key for you right away is important.
Unless you have a remote starter installed, starting your motorcycle requires a key whether you own a vintage Harley or a brand new Kawasaki. From gas cap keys or break locks and even seat lock keys an automotive locksmith can get you the key you need to get back on your bike and riding in no time. Since they operate in a mobile fashion they are easily able to get right out to where you and your motorcycle are located and perform all locksmith services right there on the spot.


Aside from making new keys for your bike they are also able to rekey your motorcycle ignition, replace the old ignition with a new one, and even install new locks for your seat, breaks, gas cap, or forks.
If you find yourself with your motorcycle key stuck or broken inside the ignition, there is no need to worry an automotive locksmith will have the specialized extraction tools in their mobile service unit so they can take out the broken piece without damaging your bike. In the cases where they need to replace the entire ignition in order to get your bike up and running again, they will carry the replacement ignitions in stock as well.
If you have recently purchased your bike, it is a good idea to get the ignition and other locks rekeyed in order to ensure that you are the only one who will be able to use the bike. In most cases, an automotive locksmith can easily rekey the locks and provide you with a new key.
From Honda motorcycles to BMW models, Harley Davidson keys to Yamaha, an automotive locksmith service is the only one you will need to call to get your motorcycle lock issue resolved. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with mobile locksmith professionals able to come right to your location, there is no other number you need to call.

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