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Vat Key​

Smart Key

  • Time Time Time: It takes a short time to get a new car key from us, we can be at your location in 30 mins and cut the key on the site .the dealership can make a new key within a few days.​

  • Moneywe charge much less than the dealer, the average reduction is between $100 to $250 depending on the car model.

Why Get a Car Key From us and Not from a Car Dealership

Chip Key

A transponder key or Chip is a key that has a computer microchip at the handle for purposes of ignition security and also to prevent key fraud. This is a security feature in which the transponder emits a signal to the engine telling it if the correct key is in the ignition Transponder keys are either mechanical or laser.

smart key is car key that use computerized microchips and sensors to open and start a car with keyless entry available as an option or standard in several cars.The driver can hold it or store it securely in his bag or even in the glove box.

Smart Key

Vats key  (Vehicle Anti Theft System) is key anti theft system made by GM car from the middle of the 80s to 2004. Vats keys are available in two different styles, single side cut and double side cut. both of them have a resister embedded in the key, the car will start only when the value of the resister is correct.  


There are many different types of car keys that are used to unlock and start the vehicle such as VATs keys, transponder keys, and smart (keyless entry) keys.

Transponder Key Programmer

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We make keys for most type of car

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