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How much is a replacement Chevy key?

We work with different types of Chevrolet models including:

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IF you lost your Chevy keys you don't have to go to a dealership, our locksmith can cut and program a new key in a few minutes, day or night time 7 days a week. The average cost for a new Chevrolet key is between $85 and $165. The price can vary depending on if your Chevy has a transponder key, security chip or VATS.

***the key doesn't include the fob. Call us today 941-254-3474

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Locksmiths Bradenton proudly offers key cutting and programming for Chevy car in Bradenton,FL. We offer a large selection of both new/old Chevrolet keys. Most a new chevy cars require transponder key or fob to activate push button ignitions and keyless entry systems. Once you get the new transponder, you’ll have to have the car programmed to recognize the new key. You wouldn’t want just anyone to be able to open the door, push the start button, and drive away in your car.Whether you need a new Chevrolet key fob, transponder key, remote control or programming a key, we can come to you and handle it for your Chevrolet car so you no longer need to tow your car to the dealer.

Chevy Key Cutting