Luxury cars used to be the only vehicles that had smart keys and that was an expensive option. As technology has advanced, auto manufacturers started offering features from luxury cars on their standard models as a way of differentiating themselves from their competitors and in order to entice buyers to purchase new rather than used cars.  

Smart keys offer lots of advantages like eliminating the need to have a key to start or unlock your car.

  • You don’t have to insert these keys in the ignition; it just needs to be nearby in order to press a button on the dash to start the car.

  • Another advantage is that smart keys make it extremely hard for a carjacker to steal your car because the keys have unique rolling security codes that prevent them from being hacked.

 You can’t just go to any hardware store and get a key 
made because only the dealership has the rolling security codes necessary to program the replacement key.  Because they have such a tight rein on the security codes, a dealership may charge you upwards of $200 to replace & reprogram the new smart key.

Now that the smart key is becoming commonplace in many cars, are automotive locksmiths a thing of the past? Not by a long shot. With all of its advantages, the smart key cannot prevent people from locking themselves out of their cars or losing their transponder key. Even though there is no physical key, the transponder can be lost or misplaced, which prevents you from entering or starting your car. What happens if you lose your smart key after dealership hours?

Beware of online scams offering to secure a replacement smart key for your vehicle at very low prices. Smart keys have to be precisely coded digitally to your exact vehicle in order to work correctly. In some cases, if you lose all the keys to your car, the car’s computer will need to be reset in order to match completely new replacement smart keys. Think of this key as your car’s security system. You wouldn’t want to trust just anyone with the security codes for your car.

Car key maker provides a legitimate, reliable alternative to getting your key cut and recoded at the dealership. A good locksmith has the diagnostic tools and equipment to make you a replacement smart key.  They can use the Vin number of your vehicle to obtain the secure rolling codes from a secure, approved dealer database in order to create a new smart key for your car any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. If necessary, most locksmiths can also reset your car’s computer.

Car key maker stays current of the latest key technology and is trained to perform programming a transponder, VAT  & smart key. They can make a replacement smart key for just about any make or model car on the market. More than likely the cost of utilizing an automotive locksmith will be cheaper than getting the key replaced at the dealership.

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                          Smart Car Keys Won't Eliminate The Need For A Locksmith

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