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If your business has experienced growth over the years or you own an apartment or condominium complex, chances are that you have added personnel and facilities and now have more keys to keep track of-one for every door, every deadbolt, every storage room, every padlock etc. You can eliminate the need for so many keys and simplify your life by switching to a Master Key System.

A well engineered master key system:

Is customized for your business to let only the right people in.
Includes a master key that opens all locks in a system.
Offers change keys that open only one specific lock.
With a Master key System, the owner has access to every door. All other doors access is limited by job function. As an example, someone that works in the IT department would only have access to the Computer room and the main door but would not have access to executive offices, file storage areas, security offices or storage facilities. Each person in the Master Key system is issued one key that only has access to the areas they need access to.
If someone should leave the company or loses their key, only one a few door need to be rekeyed instead of the entire business. IN our example, if someone in the It department leaves only the main door and the door to the computer area will need to be rekeyed. No other doors or keys on the system are affected.
Our Locksmith will sit down with your management team and plan out your master key system on a floor plan that will map out lock access based on the information you provide. Every door and lock will be rekeyed to only give access to those that need it. You will not need to purchase any new door hardware.


A master Key system offers you better security for your business by limiting access and makes it easier and more convenient for you to access different parts of the building without having to fumble through a myriad of keys.

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