Garage Door Lock

Most people don’t really stop to consider the value that a garage brings to their home, apartment, townhouse or business. Aside from its aesthetic value, a garage can be used for storage, workshops, hobbies, and number of other things. 

Unless you have a stand-alone garage, your Garage is one of the main entrances to your home. In addition to housing your car, quite a few homeowners use their garage as a work or hobby site and as such, store tools, workbenches, and supplies in their garage. Some home garages provide access to a separate storage room or attic, where many homeowners store excess furniture, seasonal sporting goods, luggage and the like.

In some residential neighborhoods near recreational lakes or rivers, builders often include a separate boat garage for homeowners to store their boat on their property. 

Many apartments and townhouse complexes provide separate garages to residents. In addition to their cars, many residents will use their garage as a storage room to store the same things a homeowner would.

Commercial properties may maintain a commercial garage on the premises that would house transportation equipment, tools and equipment, project or job site supplies and other things of value to the business that could not be kept inside the business’s main building.

While you probably put a lot of thought into securing your residence or business to prevent burglars from stealing items of value to you, have you adequately secured your garage? A high-end automobile, lawn equipment or tools would be very tempting items to a potential burglar.

When home and business garage doors are installed, many come equipped with a side door bolt. This is the lock on the inside of the garage door that can be turned with a handle to slide the bolt into a slot on the garage door track. Often times there is a key operated lock on the outside of the garage door that can manipulate that inner door handle. Such a lock provides good security.

Some garages have an outer side door that can access the garage. A deadbolt lock offers a pretty good discouragement to would be burglars as it is more secure than a simple keyed lock. Single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt locks push a blot into the doorjamb and slide plate for extra reinforcement.

T-handle locks don’t operate with a regular key, but rather use a unique cylinder shaped key that inserts into a T-shaped lock to access the garage. T-handle locks are commonly used on outbuildings or stand alone garages and are very difficult to pick due to their unique construction.

Many larger commercial businesses have adopted electronic keyless digital locks that use a scan of a fingerprint or a keypad with an entry code to access the garage. These types of locks offer a significantly better level of security, as there are no locks to pick.

professional locksmithcan assess your garage and advise you as to which type of locking mechanism is right for your needs. 

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